Today everyone expects engaging experiences, and most marketing teams are adapting to provide them.

Customers want to be understood. 70% of them want more personalized and intelligent experiences that reflect their interests and past interactions.

Omnichannel connected journeys are the new normal here.

As per a recent Salesforce study, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience across channels.

As consumer expectations rise, most marketing teams invest in stewarding the customer experience and seeing ROI improvement of up to twenty percent.

If you have a team of Salesforce Consultants and are looking to exceed customer expectations with marketing cloud digital services? Just follow the following two steps.

  1. Build a team of marketing experts that can help you deliver high-impact journeys to engage the customer throughout their lifecycle and across channels.
  2. Align the team and processes to become a customer-centric business and deliver customer journeys to market more quickly with future-proof marketing architecture and omnichannel journeys.

You can lift your conversion rates and maximize your marketing ROI.

About the author

Anil Jangra

MBA graduate with ten years of experience in management consulting in Marketing Functions. Experience in developing a customer experience strategy & customer journeys to drive the shift from product centricity to customer advocacy by leveraging digital marketing.

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