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MBA graduate with ten years of experience in management consulting in Marketing Functions. Experience in developing a customer experience strategy & customer journeys to drive the shift from product centricity to customer advocacy by leveraging digital marketing.

Team Structure for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Project


Are you into Project Management and looking to implement a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project lately? You must be looking for the right combination of resources that must be the part of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project. Through my years of experience, I could arrive at the resource list and their roles and responsibilities that will help you with every essential aspect of marketing cloud...

Marketing Cloud Campaigns


Today everyone expects engaging experiences, and most marketing teams are adapting to provide them. Customers want to be understood. 70% of them want more personalized and intelligent experiences that reflect their interests and past interactions. Omnichannel connected journeys are the new normal here. As per a recent Salesforce study, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience across...

Salesforce and Digital Transformation in Healthcare


Today the focus is shifting from operational efficiency and affordability of care to promoting overall health and wellness. As consumers demand personalized services, health care moves from its predominant, one size fit all approach to a more consumer-centric approach. For years, the health care industry is focusing on administrative positions, ease, and affordable treatment for patients. Today...

WhatsApp Salesforce Integration


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, with over 2 billion monthly users and 65 billion daily messages. It’s also a Digital Engagement channel! When you use a WhatsApp channel for Messaging, you get the best of both worlds: Your customers can connect with your business using an app they already know and love, and your support agents can reply from the Lightning Service...

Common topics on SAP (Sender Authentication Package)


Below are the common topics on SAP (Sender Authentication Package) and frequently asked questions. Once you submit a SAP form, a case will be opened with Salesforce Support’s Internal deliverability team. You will be contacted via email if there is any question during the process. A typical SAP setup takes 3-5 business days to complete. Allow for additional time if there are special...

Email metrics that can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox


When it comes to managing the success of your email campaigns, understanding your audience’s behaviour is essential.  Let’s explore the benefits associated with understanding email performance as well as cover standard metrics that can provide insights to help you optimize future campaigns.  Why utilizing email metrics can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox? ...

Getting Started with Marketing Automation


Marketing automation isn’t just a tool; it’s a whole new way of marketing, so how exactly do you get started? To understand this little more, let’s dive into the three keys we need to know to get started. We need to bridge the education gap between traditional digital marketing and automated marketing, and they aren’t the same. The marketing we’ve been doing for...

Social Technology


The World of Social Technologies. To understand the world of social technology, a primer on its terminology is helpful.   Social networking refers to the tools that allow companies or individuals to communicate, collaborate, or be in community with each other — Facebook, Twitter, and other leading providers.   Social media refers to sites that allow the uploading of videos, documents...

The art and science of engagement


In a nutshell, it needs people to get behind for any idea to reach its potential.  It could be your customers, the staff within the organization, or the community that rallies behind the course.  The success of an idea depends on how engaged people are with it like it could be easy to pass this off as another buzzword, yet there is some substantial weight behind the imperative of engagement.  For...

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