Last week I was having a discussion with some of the experts in Social Media for the B2B segment. Yes, planning is the most critical part of any strategy, then only budget and time n all come in. 

We can quickly think that are some thought processes that are still vague. For one, to understand which is better, we need to guess/know why one would pick one choice from the other. 

Usually, it depends on the industry/ target audiences and, of course, the marketing beliefs of the one implementing the strategy. However, companies whose target audience is CXOs of manufacturing industries always skeptic by using Social Media. Isn’t it? 

If I take this, the reason that social media is now strategic because 

  • Business models are changing, not just because of the pressure from digital delivery but because of broader forces
  • The breakdown of traditional capitalist infrastructure 
  • The strength of community and mutual models and dissatisfaction with economic inequality

Believe the strategic thinking and planning are through the re-engineering existing services and products to facilitate delivery through digital, social media, community, and I think that only will lead to understanding the bandwidth instead of Budget allocation will work either out or not. 

However, it is difficult for large organizations to go for re-engineering within a short period. Isn’t it? Moreover, another side if we talk about small and medium organizations, I will say they are not ready to adopt this. 

Just for closing, first things first need of bandwidth that supports a marketing strategy in any platform to fulfill the tasks smoothly. In case of confusion, an integrated approach for the B2B strategy can only work out. It will give an assurance that the budget is well distributed, and one media can support another. If targeting a huge mass via social sites only, then do not hesitate to invest in social media entirely. However, since its B2B, then the target audience can be huge but would be specific. Isn’t it? 

What’s your opinion?