What is the biggest challenge that marketers face today while devising a global Social CRM strategy? 

Believe, the biggest challenge today is that market and sales no longer control the sales funnel, but the customer does, and inbound marketing is here to stay. 

There is still a significant disconnect between marketing and technologyJust because a firm spends large enough and technology does not mean it, a company understands how to engage the customers. A sound CRM system will not fix a broken business model or poor customer service. There just isn’t one silver bullet; we need to look at social media and Social CRM. 

Companies need to look at Social Media and Social CRM as the foundation to create two-way conversation with their customers.

In today’s world odigital technology and ever-evolving Social Networking and SociaCRM; Companies have to taka 360-degree vieof their business and better understand how evertouchpoint affects the customeexperience injury. 

It means noonly utilizing data and technology but also, more importantly, it‘s abouwalking in the shoes othe customers. Focusintoo much otechnology was not up based on customeservice and what your product offering meantthe customerit will cause any solutioto fail. Moreover, looking forward to arising new communication channels is bringing in the increased number of customer contact points and, therefore, new forms of customer data. 

Many times, overwhelmed by the number of data points available to firms, whether or not firms should be collecting twitter handles, Facebook’s pages address, and at the end of that, firms start looking for help from consultants to be their guide through this very complex in the intricate journey. 

Now, what are the fundamental approaches for firms to create Social Media interactions customers across geography? 

I think firms need to look at Social Media as global production played on the world stage with a massive cast of characters that come together to create an engaging performance. 

Firms need to understand global people as individuals; one size does not fit all will be more needed to localize content formatted; distribution and also understand how to leverage the right partners to assist them with that effort. 

Firms need to build community; through simple ideas that people can understandrecognized and trust, and, most importantly, be transparent and accountable and everything that a firm does. Finally, firms need to give individuals the tools and forums that allow theivoice counts.   


Some example 

NIKE has done a considerable job with them, especially in the running vertical. They have an inordinate platform that allows runners from all over the world to create their own running experience. The platform provides the ability to customize their shoes, athletic wear, interact with brand, and one another. Well, that enables NIKE to collect customer’s valuable data. It is about being double to collect that data to build that foundation of an ongoing conversation and awful dialogue. 

J W. Marriott International has done a great job of using social media tools like twitter to be able to engage immediately with the customer in situation like a customer may have been a bad experience that they can turn around and addressed quickly.

Global Social CRM Strategy is a unique ability, can take a disgruntled individual, in turn, them into a trooper and advocate.