A social business is a connected business, which means they connect with their employees, their customers, their partners, and even sometimes their competitors. 

A connected business, a social enterprise, is one that can quickly adapt to their ecosystem. When it comes to social media maturity, there is a bell-shaped curve when we see the adoption. Moreover, while businesses are successful in marketing and customer support, other departments need to adopt these — product innovations and to work with partners. 

These are untapped areas that companies need to invest in continuouslyThe exciting thing about social is the terms B2B and B2C don’t matter as much. It’s around P2P, people to people. The way that people act in a B2B environment, it’s very similar to how you might see them over Facebook. Getting to know somebody they like, building relationships with them, and then having meaningful conversations. 

Social media has been the fastest adopted medium in human history. 

There is nothing that is adopted faster than that. Therefore, to a certain extent, businesses are just trying to catch up. I think; firms are quite early in the S-curve of adoption and especially capturing value from social. So, all organizations have a lot farther to go, unusually large organizations, in terms of the adoption of these technologies, but especially the value that businesses can capture from these technologies. 

Technology allows businesses to do is really to break down some of those internal barriers—companies organized in silos thadon’t communicate well with each other. One of the things that technologalloworganizationto do is for employees to be able to communicate across organizational boundaries that they previously wouldnt be able to. 

As we know, if there is a way to inspire people partly through their use of technology so in fact that they have more fun at work while they are doing good things, I think that’s a great thing. 

In a Social Enterprise, everybody owns social media. It’s important that everybody feels that they can be just as much a part of – from Chief Executive to somebody who is starting at the organization on day one. And it’s also about finding those beautiful stories, the one-off the moments that can only come through social media. 

It’s always hard to tell whait’s going to look like in five years because social medimoves so quickly. Still, we all want to bat the forefront oeverything that’s happening and make sure that we’re picking up on innovations and make sure that we stay ahead of the game. 

I think we’re at the beginning. Still, I think, over the next couple of years, we‘ll see the effect of it. I believe; we need to start figuring out models that can help us to increase adoption over a period. 

The difference between social, online, and offline–is there, but I think it can also augment and accelerate offline connectivity. I believe it is core to our DNA. I mean, we are social creatures, and this is an extension of our social beings and allows us to connect better, more frequently, and often in a happier way.