You might have encountered a situation where you have to clean up the All Contacts from Contact Builder in the salesforce marketing cloud. It may be because the client is running out of allocated billable contacts or tones of junk data.

And most probably, you would have referred the standard documentation on this from the Salesforce help site. 

Everything is fine, but as per the document. 

For Synchronized Data Sources, delete the information from the original data source in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or another cloud. It removes the corresponding record in the Synchronized Data Extension, but it doesn’t delete the contact record from the contact builder. 

So, this is the problem. 

How do we delete Synchronized Data Sources Contact in the contact builder? 

It’s a simple trick that we need to apply and get rid of this data in no less than 5 minutes. We just need to follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Contact Builder > Contacts Configuration. 
  2. Turn On the “Contact Delete,” followed by Set ZERO days in Contact Deletion Settings and Save. 
  3. Go to Mobile Connect and Create a List using filter Here, we select “All Contacts” and use Subscriber Key is NOT NULL as the filter And Save the List by giving a name to it. 
  4. Now Go to Contact Builder > All Contacts. 
  5. From Top Right Corner, Click on the DELETE icon and Select “Delete Contact From a List.” 
  6. Select the List that we created in STEP 3 
  7. Select “Delete both contacts and list” and Click Delete Contacts. And that’s it. Task Completed. 


We can always check the progress of deletion jobs in Contacts Analytics on the top bar.