Today all of us see an average of above 1k promotional messages from various offerings and the good news is that we have also learned the ways to avoid them πŸ™‚

What are the top challenges to Engagement marketers? I will probably cover in a separate blog post.

Let’s look into the nuances of being an Engagement Marketer.

From a personal story, years back before I landed my first job, I cleared all rounds of interviews for an engagement marketing role in a pharma company, and the last round was with the owner of the firm. He had only one question to me, “Have you worked as Medical Representative before?”

At the time, I was feeling bad, but then I decided to take a bold move and picked sales roles with a startup. It helped me grow professionally and accelerated my carrier as well.

If we don’t know what exactly a customer is looking for, we will never know the right things to market them, and that’s majorly come out of sales experience or selling skills.

You might have seen in your experience, no management gets a happy mode if we don’t talk about Engagement metrics in our presentation, and the only reason behind this is that only Engagement metrics gives some confidence in terms of sales conversion.

While selling a marketing product, we must talk about sales outcomes that add product value for the client.

A simple example from Salesforce; you know why both Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud still exist? Even though the Marketing cloud is very robust and can connect multi-channels within it.

Salesforce Pardot has Lead Scoring and Grading feature out of the box that has direct measures around Engagement over leads, and decision-makers can take a wise call on selling / cross-selling.