WhatsApp Salesforce IntegrationWhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, with over 2 billion monthly users and 65 billion daily messages. It’s also a Digital Engagement channel!

When you use a WhatsApp channel for Messaging, you get the best of both worlds: Your customers can connect with your business using an app they already know and love, and your support agents can reply from the Lightning Service Console.

With WhatsApp, there are two types of messages: Customer-initiated conversations and company-initiated outbound notifications.

Customer-initiated conversations start when a customer messages your business. When a customer initiates a conversation, they’re greeted by an Einstein Bot or routed to an agent via Omni-Channel. Agents respond within 24 hours. To use WhatsApp notifications, ask your sales representative or account executive about purchasing an additional outbound messaging SKU. You’ll also need the Digital Engagement SKU to use WhatsApp channels.

Notifications are pre-approved, templated messages that can are available to send at any time. WhatsApp reviews and approves these templates before you use them. WhatsApp groups these templates into ten notification types.

A few examples are Shipping updates, Reservation updates, And transportation updates.

When a customer responds to an outbound notification, they can chat with an agent in the same WhatsApp thread. You can customize these notifications for each country and language that you support.

To avoid spamming your customers, WhatsApp doesn’t support promotional messages or large-scale, recurring notifications.

Before you can send outbound notifications, WhatsApp requires that you collect a user’s explicit consent through a channel outside of WhatsApp, such as email or text message.

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