salesforce DMP

The Salesforce DMP helps Marketers’ Activate’ an audience segment across multiple Publishers (e.g., Yahoo! & MSN, etc.) and DSPs (e.g., DBM & TTD, etc.) quickly and easily and from the same platform.

The Salesforce DMP then allows Marketers to view the live campaign performance across those platforms and make ‘optimizations’ to improve the performance of the campaign.

for instance, The Marketer creates a DMP segment of:

  • users who have visited my e-comm site (not logged in) 
  • AND placed an item in the cart 
  • AND abandoned the cart and left the site

The Marketer can then pass that segment from the DMP to multiple DSPs (e.g., DBM and TTD) AND Publisher sites (Yahoo and MSN) to target that user with an advertisement for the item that was in the cart.

Previously, what the Marketers used to do was requesting that Publishers and DSPs to apply a ‘Frequency Cap’ at an individual level to control the number of exposures that a device would receive. 

however, in this case, there are limitations: 

  • Publishers are unlikely to recognize when two cookies are, in fact, the same user. It is particularly problematic if a user uses 3-4 devices and 1-2 browsers on each
  • Publishers and DSPs are unable to see each other’s activity. It is therefore inevitable that Publishers and DSPs will duplicate the requested frequency for the same user.

A DMP is continually working to create a single view of the user & deduplicate multiple cookies. And this is why frequency capping at the DMP level is highly effective.

Frequency capping at the DMP level is highly effective.

The Salesforce DMP is continuously working to create a single user view & deduplicate multiple cookies for the same user.

If the DMP recognizes the same cookie = the same person, it will deduplicate it.

If a Marketer builds a segment with a frequency cap and activates that audience segment against multiple activation partners (e.g., DBM, TTD, etc.), the Salesforce DMP will send the exclusion segments to these partners daily. 

Adding a secondary frequency cap at the DSP level adds a 2nd safety net.

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