Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio

The challenge is clear. Consumers are loyal to experiences, not companies. In fact, 52% of B2C customers say they’d switch brands if they didn’t feel they were getting a personalized experience. No one wants to lose half their customers to the competition.

And because consumers are humans — with a never-ending evolution of needs, passions, distractions, and desires — marketers need to develop strong, adaptable relationships with them by inspiring timely, relevant engagement everywhere a consumer interacts with a brand.

But that’s easier said than done. Many marketers are using disparate tools to manage channels, causing a disconnected experience for consumers. Plus, data regarding each individual isn’t shared between departments, which means multiple teams are trying to market to the same consumer. In short, there’s a lack of internal governance over marketing campaigns.

All this is happening while connected consumers are expecting incredible relationships and brand experiences. They’re so used to seeing their names in subject lines or tailored offers in their social media news feeds, consumers are embracing the brands that can go beyond those simple examples of personalization.

This is where real-time interaction management (RTIM) can help. `

Manage real-time interactions with Salesforce Interaction Studio

Visualize how individuals are progressing across touchpoints on all your channels. Easily apply business rules to determine the eligibility, prioritization, and validity of content and offers, so consumers receive the best interaction. Manage the consumer experience by emphasizing critical offers and messages, and pause irrelevant interactions or offers through suppression. Limit the number of times a piece of content can be seen before it’s replaced, decide which offers should be removed altogether, and orchestrate campaigns across every channel. 

Interaction Studio can help you: 

  • Improve marketing campaign performance 
  • Increase relevancy and personalization 
  • Increase engagement 
  • Improve relationships with consumers 

Interaction Studio is a cloud-based engagement layer that works with and across your existing systems. Liberate your data from functional silos to provide real-time analysis and actionable insight across individual consumer journeys. It won’t replace existing technology, and you don’t need to manage periodic upgrades. Interaction Studio integrates with Journey Builder, Email Studio, or any other systems of engagement. 

Interaction Studio has features to impact the entire business. 

  • Increase conversions with campaigns, personalized content, next best action, and next best offers 
  • Onboard customers with lifecycle insights and optimization 
  • Increase first-call resolution and decrease average call-handling time with self-service customer care 
  • Retain more customers with renewals, relevant and timely campaigns, and targeted the next best offers 
  • Create brand advocates with loyalty programs, improved customer experiences, and proactive customer service 
  • Boost lifetime value with new tools to cross-sell and upsell 

No other Realtime interaction management (RTIM) platform is as light and agile or delivers the speed-to-value that top marketers and executives need. Make the perfect matches between products and individuals — strengthening your consumer relationships with every step. 

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