Hello everybody! Well, it’s a bit of time; no new blog from me thought of being regular again.

Let’s talk about how data plays into the more significant topic of digital transformation,

So How does data drive the digital transformation and help organizations on their journey?

I think data is very much a core element of digital transformation.
When we look at it, we see it across four different areas from a business perspective in general.

We look at growth, look at experience, look at culture, and look at operations from a growth perspective.

We’re talking about how data enables the products and services that we might offer, and we can see that in two ways. First, just a simple evaluation of whether those products are performing and how they work but from a more transformative perspective, is how we leverage technology and data within our products.

So if we look at the kind of any modern product lines like any product would be an excellent example of where data is driving what happens with those products, so it’s kind of in the growth area

when we talk about the experience area, we’re talking about that customer experience. So how are we engaging with those customers, and again data drives all of that.

We know how long the customers are staying on our website, the pages that they hit the most, where they get bogged down. All of that is possible by a good collection of data.

When we talk about culture, we’re talking about how it affects our people. What I feel drives into the alignment of the organization’s vision into how we empower individuals.

So are we giving them the information they need to perform their functions? Are we incentivizing them in the right way? Which I think is a vast area. We know the key things we can put in front of them from a metric standpoint to help drive performance and help to drive their success.

The last one and probably the easiest to get our hands around is just operations.
what makes us an effective organization
where is our focus
what should we be measuring, and what shouldn’t we measure to operate our business in an effective manner

It brings to the end that I think we should look at, and I think data is foundational to anything that we’re going to want to do across those areas.

Am I missing anything, or you have a point to share? Please feel free to add a comment.