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Data-Driven Digital Transformation


Hello everybody! Well, it’s a bit of time; no new blog from me thought of being regular again. Let’s talk about how data plays into the more significant topic of digital transformation, So How does data drive the digital transformation and help organizations on their journey? I think data is very much a core element of digital transformation. When we look at it, we see it across four...

The art and science of engagement


In a nutshell, it needs people to get behind for any idea to reach its potential.  It could be your customers, the staff within the organization, or the community that rallies behind the course.  The success of an idea depends on how engaged people are with it like it could be easy to pass this off as another buzzword, yet there is some substantial weight behind the imperative of engagement.  For...

Engagement Marketing – THE RELEVANCE


Today all of us see an average of above 1k promotional messages from various offerings and the good news is that we have also learned the ways to avoid them 🙂 What are the top challenges to Engagement marketers? I will probably cover in a separate blog post. Let’s look into the nuances of being an Engagement Marketer. From a personal story, years back before I landed my first job, I cleared...

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