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Optimizing Sending through Journey Builder


No maters whats our position in a project but if we are working on a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project, then it’s imperative to be aware of Journey Builder know-hows. Here I have compiled the Best Practices for Optimizing Sending through the Journey Builder.   Optimizing Sending through Journey Builder   Processing Rate:  Typically, Journey Builder has a processing rate of...

Setup Lead Capture Form in Advertising Studio


How to Setup Lead Capture Form in Advertising Studio? Just follow these steps and it’s done in a few minutes. To begin, install Lead Capture For Marketing Cloud via AppExchange. Create a Facebook advertising account  Go to  Click Create Account.  Move through the rest of the onboarding flow by entering the required details  Open your Business Manager Settings.   Under...

Team Structure for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Project


Are you into Project Management and looking to implement a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project lately? You must be looking for the right combination of resources that must be the part of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project. Through my years of experience, I could arrive at the resource list and their roles and responsibilities that will help you with every essential aspect of marketing cloud...

Marketing Cloud Campaigns


Today everyone expects engaging experiences, and most marketing teams are adapting to provide them. Customers want to be understood. 70% of them want more personalized and intelligent experiences that reflect their interests and past interactions. Omnichannel connected journeys are the new normal here. As per a recent Salesforce study, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience across...

Getting Started with Marketing Automation


Marketing automation isn’t just a tool; it’s a whole new way of marketing, so how exactly do you get started? To understand this little more, let’s dive into the three keys we need to know to get started. We need to bridge the education gap between traditional digital marketing and automated marketing, and they aren’t the same. The marketing we’ve been doing for...

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