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Create exceptional cross-channel customer journeys that deliver personalised experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising, the web, and more.

Marketing Cloud Campaigns


Today everyone expects engaging experiences, and most marketing teams are adapting to provide them. Customers want to be understood. 70% of them want more personalized and intelligent experiences that reflect their interests and past interactions. Omnichannel connected journeys are the new normal here. As per a recent Salesforce study, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience across...

Common topics on SAP (Sender Authentication Package)


Below are the common topics on SAP (Sender Authentication Package) and frequently asked questions. Once you submit a SAP form, a case will be opened with Salesforce Support’s Internal deliverability team. You will be contacted via email if there is any question during the process. A typical SAP setup takes 3-5 business days to complete. Allow for additional time if there are special...

Email metrics that can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox


When it comes to managing the success of your email campaigns, understanding your audience’s behaviour is essential.  Let’s explore the benefits associated with understanding email performance as well as cover standard metrics that can provide insights to help you optimize future campaigns.  Why utilizing email metrics can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox? ...

Getting Started with Marketing Automation


Marketing automation isn’t just a tool; it’s a whole new way of marketing, so how exactly do you get started? To understand this little more, let’s dive into the three keys we need to know to get started. We need to bridge the education gap between traditional digital marketing and automated marketing, and they aren’t the same. The marketing we’ve been doing for...

Run Salesforce data event based journey for salesforce opportunities in salesforce marketing cloud


Have you come across a use case where it’s required to let the lead be created first in Salesforce and then run the journey in the salesforce marketing cloud for email marketing? Additionally, the journey builder in the salesforce marketing cloud has to use the Opportunity record, which got created because of lead conversion.  And as you know, in the salesforce marketing cloud, only...

Enable Google reCAPTCHA in CloudPages – Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Today, if we are working with any big product company for the Salesforce marketing cloud implementation project. Any cloud pages that capture some information and writes inside weather in the sales cloud or marketing cloud must require security approval unless it has some bot attack protection like Google reCAPTCHA. How can we add Google reCAPTCHA in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Cloud pages? Since...

Engagement Marketing – THE RELEVANCE


Today all of us see an average of above 1k promotional messages from various offerings and the good news is that we have also learned the ways to avoid them 🙂 What are the top challenges to Engagement marketers? I will probably cover in a separate blog post. Let’s look into the nuances of being an Engagement Marketer. From a personal story, years back before I landed my first job, I cleared...

Synchronized Data Sources Contact Deletion in contact builder


You might have encountered a situation where you have to clean up the All Contacts from Contact Builder in the salesforce marketing cloud. It may be because the client is running out of allocated billable contacts or tones of junk data. And most probably, you would have referred the standard documentation on this from the Salesforce help site.  Everything is fine, but as per the document.  For...

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