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Here is the list of best NASDAQ stocks based on their Valuation, Financials, and Performance.

data points used to filter out these stock lists are given for review 

As and when any stock qualifies based on these filters, the result table will update automatically. Hence it’s advised to keep checking on it at regular intervals.

Warning: This is not investment advice. The author publishes the Stock information for their reference.

NASDAQ best stocks based on Valuation
The shortlisted stocks are the result of the following filters

P/E < 15
Forward P/E < 15
PEG < 1
P/S < 1
P/B < 1
P/C < 3
P/FCF < 15
EPS growth this year > 0%
EPS growth next year > 0%
EPS growth past 5 year > 0%
EPS growth next 5 year > 0%
Sales growth past 5 years > 0%
Target Price Above current Price
Average Volume over 100k
CompanySectorIndustryVolumePriceSales past 5YEPS next 5YEPS past 5YEPS next YEPS this YP/FCFP/CP/BP/SPEGFwd P/EP/EMarket Cap
NASDAQ best stocks based on Financials
The shortlisted stocks are the result of the following filters.

Dividend Yield > 0%
Return on Assets > 0%
Return on Equity > 0%
Return on Investment > 0%
Current Ratio > 3%
Quick Ratio > 3%
LT Debt/Equity < 0.1
Debt/Equity < 0.1
Gross Margin > 0%
Operating Margin > 0%
Net Profit Margin > 0%
Target Price > Current Price
Average Volume > 100k
CompanySectorIndustryP/EVolumePriceEarningsProfit MMarket CapDividendROAROEROICurr RQuick RLTDebt/EqDebt/EqGross MOper M
NASDAQ best stocks based on Performance
The shortlisted stocks are based on YTD +100% Performance with good average volume and Volatility.
CompanySectorIndustryMarket CapPricePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTDVolatility WVolatility MAvg Volume